Complete line of equipment for the process and elaboration of caramel spread.

The equipment characteristics and capacities are adjusted to the needs of the process and the different types of caramel spread to be made.


Complete line for the elaboration of soft cheese, semi-hard cheese and hard cheese. Two options of different technological levels are presented to the market, that is to say:

  • Basic equipment consisting of typical conic Swedish vats (for small cheese factory) and manual operation whey draining machines / pre-presses.
  • Equipment made up of double O closed vats, built into systems of movable bottom semi-automatic and automatic pre-presses used to cover medium and large volumes of production.

Different options of the process automation and cleaning systems (CIP).


BAUDUCCO S.A. makes an incursion into the manufacture and supply of tanks for the beer industry based on its wide experience in the manufacture of equipments for the food industry and supported by the capacity of the engineering department.

Variety of designs and capacities which can be adapted to the customer’s dimensional needs.


A wide range of tanks with size diversity and design variations adapted to process products with specific requirements (fizzy drinks, juices, sauces and dressings, bread mixture, fermented products – yoghurts, crème caramels, creams, liquid eggs, chemical products, etc.).
The available capacities cover volumes from 300 lts to 80 000 lts and the dimensions are adapted either to the customer’s requirements or to the process need.
When the different types of agitation (anchors, three-shovels, turbines, semi-anchors, etc.)are completed with baffles or scrapers, they will ensure a suitable treatment to the product increasing the thermal transfer coefficient. Systems for the treatment of the atmosphere in contact with the product can be supplied in case the production process requires it.